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Improving Airline Passenger Experience Using Predictive Analytics

Posted On March 16, 2015

Presentation in progress at Smart Data Summit 2014

Flying is not merely going from one place to another anymore. With more and more factors being added to the equation, the dynamics of flying and the airline experience are evolving at a pace faster than ever before. The connected customer of today now demands more and is presented with choices that allow him to compare and make informed decisions. The better tailored the airline product offering, the greater chance to generate a good response. For airlines, therefore, it is not just the actual journey itself; it is the complete customer experience, starting from the purchase of the ticket to the services after landing that has now become the deciding factor in customer choice. Add to that special offers, upgrades and entertainment options and the possibilities are virtually limitless. It is here that predictive analytics can play a very critical role. Gauging minds and potential behavior of customers to introduce the right offer at the right time can help in acquiring new customers as well as retaining existing ones, who are vulnerable to the competition’s overtures.

The move towards a customer-centric business model powered by predictive analytics is inevitable for airlines and other services. How well an airline decodes the reams of customer information it possesses is now one of the most important differentiators between the leaders and the laggards in the intensely competitive industry. With industry estimates predicting growth in the industry, it is a far cry from the days when airlines around the world were struggling to stay afloat.

The secret weapon in their arsenal is big data analytics. Apart from using analytics for the more conventional uses such as maintenance, airlines now need to invest in sophisticated big data tools to gain a rounded view of the customer that incorporates intangible elements such as loyalty and sentiment with hard facts such as buying patterns and purchasing power. Structuring immense amounts of data relating to everything ranging from route preferences and flight timings to entertainment choices and customer touch points, all with a view to arriving at the best possible offer for the customer that ensures revenue as well as customer delight, is where the power of big data analytics lies. Big data analytics also allow an airline to be proactive, helping them go beyond the confines of their loyalty programs to attract newer customers who are barely connected to them in any way. This is of special importance, given the growing focus on revenue obtained from the digital medium.

Predictive analytics can also go beyond mere demand forecasting, it can zero in on the type of customer most likely to fill a seat. Offers can be customized for customer categories as detailed as business and leisure class or individuals and group travelers. For a seasoned marketer, the possibilities are endless. It is also of the essence for meeting the new-age demands of the empowered, aware customer. Service levels, product design, prices and fees must be attractive and of the highest standards. To achieve this end, predictive analytics can be used to understand whether customer expectations are being met or not. Instead of basing product marketing efforts on conventional modes of forecasting, existing customer data can be effectively leveraged by smart data analytics to generate the most value for airlines across the world.

Learn more about the impact of big data and analytics on the airline industry during the presentation titled ‘Exploring How Big Data has benefited the Airlines Industry to Enhance Flight Travel and Customer Experience’ made by Yousuf Alsawalhi, UAE Coalition Partnerships, Etihad Airways at the Smart Data Summit 2015, to be held on 25-26 May, 2015 in Dubai.

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16-17 November 2022

Mövenpick Grand Al Bustan
Dubai, UAE



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