Smart Data 2020 Dubai

26-27 October 2020
Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa
Dubai, UAE


White Papers

Unleashing Advanced Anaytics

Get inspired by seven data all-stars who are breaking down barriers to brilliance with advanced analytics


“Real time is Happening “

Confluent is the complete Event Streaming platform for Apache Kafka .
Read how a Streaming Platform can become the digital nerve centre of your business


This global company made a whopping 271 % ROI by deploying Zoho One.

Purolite deployed the Zoho One platform to modernize its analytics, reporting, expense management, business processes, and sales capabilities. The company realized immediate savings by retiring its legacy expense reporting program, SAP Concur, as well as avoiding the budgeted costs associated with a self-built solution. Purolite also experienced productivity benefits, saving over 800 administrative hours per year by eliminating manual reporting.



Go in-depth on the trends that will dominate Enterprise AI for the decade, including:

1. The 2nd Generation of Data Scientists
2. Managing Cloud Costs
3. Shifting Data Education
4. The Move Toward Initiative-Driven Teams
5. The Rise of MLOps
6. Continued Focus on Explainability
7. Next-Generation Data Lakes


Snowflake: One Cloud Data Platform for All Your Analytics Needs

Gartner predicts that 75% of all databases will be deployed or migrated to a cloud platform by 2022. But how does e a cloud data platform enable a long-term strategy for maximizing all of an organization's data assets?  Snowflake's cloud data platform is a highly extensible, multi-region and multi-cloud platform that powers all types of data workloads.


Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) for Business Decision Makers

Leverage Data Virtualization to Turn Raw Data into Actionable Intelligence overcoming the challenges related to the dimensions of Data As a Service.


How Big Data and Analytics ensures the success of Data-Driven Organizations ?

Big Data and Analytics technology has a crucial role to play in every organization that has ambitions to thrive in the global digital economy. Across the Middle East region, organizations are expanding their digital footprints by increasingly using and combining cloud, mobility social, AI, and IoT technologies. In the process, these organizations are generating large volumes of data that are growing at an exponential rate. Accordingly, they are investing in BDA and BI solutions that enable them to harness internal and external data to develop relevant insights and make better decisions. Download the whitepaper to get actionable insights


Artificial Intelligence in the Middle East and Africa

AI is fueling digital transformation across the Middle East & Africa today and has the power to amplify human ingenuity and extend our capabilities, empowering us to achieve more. In this report, the AI maturity assessment study, conducted in five countries across MEA, highlights the strategies adopted at different layers of an organization and helps us understand their readiness in AI adoption, rate of impact and benefits from its implementations, as well as how AI is being approached on a practical level.


The Artificial Intelligence of Things

We’re living in a world that has more connected devices than Humans. See how AI amplifies the value and potential of this fast-growing Internet of Things.


MongoDB 4.2 : Guide to What’s New

MongoDB Server 4.2 advances the state of the art in modern transactional and analytical data platforms. It gives you ACID guarantees and sophisticated data processing pipelines at any scale, secured by some of the industry’s most advanced encryption controls. You can run 4.2 anywhere: in your data center, in a hybrid model, and with Atlas, you get the only fully-managed, cloud-native MongoDB service available on AWS, Azure, and GCP.


Brandwatch Gains Powerful Automated Data Insights With Fivetran and Looker

Although Brandwatch does a superb job handling data from multiple sources for its clients, Edward Mancey, Brandwatch's Head of Business Intelligence, realized the UK-based company needed to improve its internal company performance metrics. For this, he sought out a new analytics data stack. Brandwatch enables data-driven product development by leveraging Fivetran and Looker.




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26-27 October 2020

Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa
Dubai, UAE



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