Smart Data Plus 2021

17-18 November 2021
Le Méridien Dubai Conference Centre
United Arab Emirates


Summit Agenda

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» Day 1 - 17 November 2021

» Day 2 - 18 November 2021

Day 1 - 17 November 2021
08:00 - 09:00


09:00 - 09:10


09:10 - 09:20

Welcome Address by Lead Sponsor

Mohamed El-Shanawany, Data, Automation and AI Leader - Middle East & Pakistan, IBM

Mohamed El-Shanawany
09:20 - 09:30

Welcome Address by Platinum Sponsor

Vishal Soni, Data Evangelist, Alteryx

Vishal Soni
09:30 - 09:50

FIRESIDE CHAT: Exerting Influence & Extending Impact – The Evolving Dynamics of Tech & Data from a Middle Eastern Context

  • Leading digital transformation initiatives in the Middle East – how is the mandate best driven by public private collaborations?
  • How to drive real business impact with continuous growth? Translating the significance of investments in big data & analytics technology for empowering digital business endeavors across government entities 
  • How to create business value by monetizing data with reduced time to market & driving ROI from big data, analytics, AI & ML investments?
  • Exploring the importance of effective communication, collaboration, creativity and having a ‘people-first’ attitude - data for people


H.E.Thuraya Al Hashimi, Executive Director - Digital Data Enabling Sector, Federal Competitiveness & Statistics Centre, Ministry of Cabinet Affairs - UAE
Mostafa Zafer, Vice President - Data, AI, Automation & Security MEA, IBM

H.E.Thuraya Al Hashimi Mostafa Zafer
09:50 - 10:10

Towards Trustworthy AI

  • Trustworthy AI, why does it matter ?
  • Key principles for a trustworthy AI framework at your organization
  • Best practices for embedding trust in your Data & AI journey

Ahmad El Sayed, Chief Data Scientist, Data & AI, IBM

Ahmad El Sayed
10:10 - 10:50

INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: Empowering MENA Governments & Public Sector -> Leveraging Smart Data, Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

  • Translating the power of big data, advanced analytics & artificial intelligence to drive your mission strategy for the public sector
  • Is there a strong business case for investment in advanced data analytics, virtualization, dashboarding & artificial intelligence capabilities for the MENA government sector?
  • Advancing to the digital age: what does digital transformation look like for MENA governments & public sector?
  • How to invest in changing the traditional model of how people at MENA public & government sectors think & work? Can effective communication and strong leadership help transformational change in your organization to achieve new metrics of success?
  • What is the right data architecture strategy for your government enterprise?
    • Is bespoke data architecture always a necessity? Or will PaaS (Platform as a Service) and off the shelf solutions be adequate for your needs?
    • Does your strategy include the ability to scale up? What’s the use-case road map at your organization?
    • How important is data governance & ethics for government enterprises? Is there a data steward to prevent reputational risk? Are there processes to mitigate bias and test fairness to ensure ethical outputs?

Ammar Alfayoumi, Senior Solutions Engineer, Cloudera
Budoor Al-Amoudi, Chief of Data Management, Dubai Airport Freezone Authority
Latifa Saleh AlShehhi, Head of Algorithms Analysis & Development Section, Federal Competitiveness & Statistics Center, Ministry of Cabinet Affairs
Mohamed AlMadhaani, Advisor - Technology & Policy, Abu Dhabi Digital Authority
Richard Dib, Smart City & Data Advisor, Confidential

Ammar Alfayoumi Budoor Al-Amoudi Latifa Saleh AlShehhi Mohamed AlMadhaani Richard Dib
10:50 - 11:10

Data Democratization – How to Bridge the Divide between People and Technology


Vishal Soni, Data Evangelist, Alteryx

Vishal Soni
11:10 - 11:50


11:50 - 12:30

INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: Stepping Up to the Challenge in the MEA (Middle East & Africa) Region – Maturity in Data & Artificial Intelligence with Data Governance & Data Ethics

  • How are topics like trusting our data, data governance and data privacy becoming an urgent imperative for us in the MEA region? Are diversity, sustainability, privacy, ethics and other concerns a key factor amongst your stakeholders and customer segments?
  • How to go about adapting data governance to the culture and maturity of our organizations? What are some of our stories here in the Middle East?
  • Are we investing enough effort in managing and influencing our stakeholders at various levels to help our data governance initiatives? Does data governance sit as a high-priority item on our checklists?
  • How can we shape a more data-conscious culture in our organizations and how to use well-governed data for long-term commercial value?
  • Dealing with Master Data governance in large complex organizations – is centralizing everything around Master Data really the right choice? What are some of the best practices and strategies in data management that work for us in MEA?
  • How to optimize technology investment in supporting data & analytics governance execution? Is it possible to automate data & analytics governance implementation by deploying augmented data management functionality?

Dr. Amjed Al.Thuhli, Information Technology Consultant, Ministry of Transport, Communications & Information Technology - Oman
Faisal Ali, Group Chief Information Officer, Gargash Group
Gino George, Head of Customer Analytics and Intelligence, First Abu Dhabi Bank
Prashant Tewari, Regional Sales Director, Acceldata
Seham El- Behissy, General Manager Digital & Connected Cars - Middle East, Groupe Renault
Suraj Nair, Head of IT, MENAP & Customer Digital Lead, Mondelēz International

Dr. Amjed Al.Thuhli Faisal Ali Gino George Prashant Tewari Seham El- Behissy Suraj Nair
12:30 - 12:50

ArabyAds Data Transformation : Migrating a Complex Coupons Tracking Analytics to Snowflake

Join this session to hear why ArabyAds chose Snowflake for its centralized Data Platform / Data Lake as a scalable solution to accompany its continuous growth


Frédéric Leroy, Chief Technology Officer, ArabyAds

Frédéric Leroy
12:50 - 13:10

Breaking the Data Gravity Notion with Logical Data Fabric

  • Implementing a logical data fabric within your organization – challenges and opportunities in the new logical data architecture approach
  • Data discovery, management, and governance - How logical data fabric liberates the data to be innovated at the sources while bringing it together in a virtual fashion
  • The importance of data virtualization as core technology - enabling the organization to build logical data fabric models reducing the time for the deployment
  • Staying ahead of the competition - organizations across the world adopting the new logical data architecture

Alexey Sidorov, Data Management Director, Denodo

Alexey Sidorov
13:10 - 13:50

INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: The Data Fabric, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & The Human Element – Identifying the Smartest Approach for Real Results

  • How to connect and catalog your enterprise data no matter where it resides? How does an intelligent data fabric help create a unified data layer and does this approach generate better impact?
  • Is it possible to truly embrace hybrid & multi-cloud architecture to better weave in with an intelligent data fabric at your enterprise?
  • How to enable all users of data in your organization (data scientists, data stewards, data engineers, analytics professionals & business users) to collaborate and unlock value? Is it possible to have workflows with automation, governance & self-serviced analytics?
  • Whilst transitioning to being more data-driven and scaling up, how do we start building trust in analytical insights? Does it help to have a universal query engine providing high performance access whilst using machine learning to understand metadata and map to your business?
  • In the future, can we potentially have AI-based algorithms residing in the data fabric reducing time taken and significant costs associated with data quality, data preparation, data integration & data mastering processes?

Awad Ahmed Ali El Siddig, Team Leader, AI & Analytics, Adnoc Distribution
Frederik Bisbjerg, Executive Director - Digital & Innovation, Daman National Health Insurance Company
Muzoun Al-Nuaimi, Director of Reporting and Analytics, Jumeirah Group
Natalie Fuller, Head of Data Analytics, CAFU
Ramzi Ben Ouaghrem, CTO, Cloud & Cognitive Technical Executive - MEA, IBM
Shaily Verma, Director‑Data Insights, DAMAC Properties

Awad Ahmed Ali El Siddig Frederik Bisbjerg Muzoun Al-Nuaimi Natalie Fuller Ramzi Ben Ouaghrem Shaily Verma
13:50 - 14:10

How to Avoid Common Pitfalls while Building AI-Powered Organizations

  • How to setup AI initiatives for success
  • Considerations to organize AI for scale
  • Areas to focus to increase adoption and change

Celal Kavuklu, Director, Customer Advisory - Middle East & Africa, SAS

Celal Kavuklu
14:10 - 14:20


14:20 - 15:20


Day 2 - 18 November 2021
08:40 - 09:10


09:10 - 09:20


09:20 - 10:00

INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: CX (Customer Experience), Marketing & Predictive Analytics – The Best Toolkits to Connect with Your Customer & Accelerate Your Data-Driven Business

  • How to provide customers in the MEA region with personalized experiences at scale, without friction and with the ‘human element’ intact?
  • As MEA CX & Marketing professionals, how do we quantify the business impact of CX initiatives and learn to leverage from regional customer insights?
  • Using predictive analytics to spot local market trends, predict demand & business outcomes – how to pioneer the right approach to take advantage of the wealth of customer data now available?
  • Connecting with customers in real-time: How to harness predictive insights to anticipate behavior, identify CX issues preemptively and resolve problems proactively? Think ‘Minority Report’ meets CX
  • Are customer surveys still meeting CX measurement needs at your organization today? Have marketing & revenue management functions already transformed to cover customer attitude, preference, digital and purchasing behavior data sets?
  • How to build a business case for CX improvement at your organization? How to ensure key stakeholders buy-in and remain excited about the impact whilst you define direction & strategy?

Dmitry Menshenin, Business Intelligence, Sanofi Greater Gulf
Katral-Nada Hassan, Head of Product Experience & Innovation, YAP
Mohamed AlTajer, Chairman, CMO Council
Mohamed Tarek Fahmy, Director of Growth & Martech, Careem
Taghrid Al Saeed, Senior Vice President - Head of Media Intelligence & Innovation, Mubadala Group Communications

Dmitry Menshenin Katral-Nada Hassan Mohamed AlTajer Mohamed Tarek Fahmy Taghrid Al Saeed
10:00 - 10:10

Urban Change Makers: The Story of Abu Dhabi’s AI Capability

  • Insights on how Abu Dhabi outlived the pandemic - agility and resilience
  • Leveraging digital competitiveness by growing digital footprint with AI, deep learning & analytics
  • Catering to Abu Dhabi city wide digital information while guarding against malicious damages, unintentional destruction and natural disasters – the power of artificial intelligence

Dr. Humaid Saif Saeed, Director of the Artificial Intelligence Applications, Abu Dhabi Police

Dr. Humaid Saif Saeed
10:10 - 10:20

How AI Bring Social Listening to New Levels of Sophistication

  • Social media and content: using advanced analytics and predictions
  • Understanding data science and a massive user base
  • Proof of concept : AI-Powered social listening tools

Awis Kilani, Marketing Manager, Lucidya

Awis Kilani
10:20 - 11:00

INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: BFSI (Banking, Financial Services & Insurance) Industry Panel – The New Digital Frontier with RPA, Quantum Computing, Big Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Is it possible to drive revenue growth using in-house enterprise data? Can customer demographics & behavior pave the path forward and help conceptualize new product offerings?
  • Hyper-personalized banking – is this a real-world possibility? Is there enough interest among MEA customers & is there room to scale?
  • Is it possible to accelerate digitalization in the MEA BFSI industry whilst leveraging ecosystem & platform players? How to go mainstream with data analytics & mature AI capabilities?
  • Bringing speed & execution to the table – how to bring the right people, culture & capability to your enterprise?
  • QC: Preparing your enterprise IT landscape for Quantum Computing – is it time to sunset some of the legacy architecture?
  • RPA: workforce of the future – how effective is RPA deployment with automating KYC, AML, compliance processes? How to build the bridge between legacy & new data within your systems for RPA to be effective?
  • Open Banking & Open APIs – how to build trust, mitigate competition risk and offer customers real-time, dynamic, contextual & scalable services?

Haddi Hakim, Systems Engineer Manager, Pure Storage
Mohamed Abdel-Razek, Regional Chief Information Officer, Standard Chartered
Nicola Hobson-Langley, Regional Head Analytics & CRM Europe & Middle East, RBWM, HSBC
Samer Semaan, Channel & Alliances Manager, Pure Storage
Sridhar K, Group Head of Operations, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
Varghese Skariah, Regional Head of Data, RSA Middle East

Haddi Hakim Mohamed Abdel-Razek Nicola Hobson-Langley Samer Semaan Sridhar K Varghese Skariah
11:00 - 11:40


11:40 - 12:20

INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: It’s Time to Go Shopping! Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence for the Digital Retail & E-Commerce Industry

  • Has the pandemic helped push MENA consumers over the digital / online barrier? How does your brand bridge the in-store to web-store divide?
  • Going from ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) to Micro Moments Marketing – Why is it imperative to recognize that digital cannot just remain as a channel in your revenue stream?
  • Are CDPs (Cloud Data Platforms) a viable option for MENA retailers? Do predictive analytics and data modeling capabilities really help make hyperlocal decisions in real-time?
  • How does informed decision making help you with web-stores and ecommerce applications? Can transaction & loyalty data from targeted data mining be utilized to update pricing, promotions and sort local availability of products?
  • 360-degree views of the customer: How to make marketing investments with the most impact? How to go about applying advanced analytics to customer lifecycle management & modeling the marketing mix?
  • How can the retail & CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) industries leverage secure data sharing to coordinate decisions across supply chain, brand marketing, pricing & promotions? What are some of the current trends that are driving growth & efficiency?

Anand Venkatasamy, VP - Customer Base Management, Etisalat
Donald Krol, Director - Solutions Consulting EMEA, Workato
Jonathan Flender, Head of Ecommerce Multi-Brand, Al-Futtaim Group
Louise Blake, Vice President - Data, Seera Group
Mithil Ajmera, Marketing Lead (e-commerce), Danube Homes
Tina Chikhani Nader, Head of Digital Commerce, Unilever MENA

Anand Venkatasamy Donald Krol Jonathan Flender Louise Blake Mithil Ajmera Tina Chikhani Nader
12:20 - 13:00

INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: Data Science & Healthcare in the Middle East – Holistic Solutions for Human Wellbeing

  • How to generate exceptional results from systemizing the use of data & AI at your healthcare enterprise? How to improve care experiences with better collaboration from the healthcare ecosystem (pharma manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, insurance providers, healthcare providers & Big Tech)?
  • How to use data & AI in your technology toolkit to create a healthcare enterprise combining years of experience, human ingenuity & technology innovation delivering positive outcomes and building trust with the local community?
  • Tools to drive clinical & operational business improvements: How do we transition from information gathering & report generation to forecasting the future with simulated model scenarios using predictive analytics?
  • How to get Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in medicine to go one step further? How does the latest iteration absorb vast quantities of unstructured and structured data to provide medical inferences & hypotheses with a confidence level assigned to every insight?
  • How do digital health tools help match patient needs with specific requirements when it comes to telemedicine? Is it possible to leverage Machine Learning for clinical decision support & patient communication with transparency?
  • Exploring next-generation interactive patient care capabilities – how to respond to cybersecurity challenges, patient health data leaks & user-resistance?
  • How to tackle the data interoperability challenge? Is it possible for the Middle East healthcare ecosystem to join forces and remove barriers associated with difficulty in data management & data standards?

Ahmad El Sayed, Chief Data Scientist, Data & AI, IBM
Ahmed Abdellatief, Head of Analytics & Intelligence, Sidra Medicine
Aliasgar Bohari, Senior Director - IT, Zulekha Hospitals
Qasim Abu Hantash, Senior Specialist, Dubai Health Authority
Shaikha Hassan Al Mansoori, Head of Investment & Strategy - Digital Health Department, Ministry of Health and Prevention - UAE

Ahmad El Sayed Ahmed Abdellatief Aliasgar Bohari Qasim Abu Hantash Shaikha Hassan Al Mansoori
13:00 - 13:40


13:40 - 14:00


14:00 - 15:00


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Registration Closed!

17-18 November 2021

Le Méridien Dubai Conference Centre
United Arab Emirates



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